Lynn VerrilliAdvanced College Funding Solutions is part of the largest, most reputable College Admission and Financial Aid Servicing Network in the nation.

Lynn Verrilli, Founder

My career began in business development working with 3 major corporations. After twenty plus years, I decided it was time for a career change. I accepted a lead position in my parent’s Investment Advisory Firm as a Registered Investment Advisor. Upon their retirement, I formed an Investment Advisory Firm, Affinity Financial Solutions, LLC to continue on in the field of investment and retirement planning.   While assisting numerous clients with their investment and retirement goals, I found that a major concern for many parents was determining the method they would use to pay for college and still effectively address other major planning issues like retirement funding. Also, I had watched as my five sisters, parents of nine boys and two girls struggled with the amount of labor and research the college planning process entails.  This enabled me to witness a largely unfulfilled demand for assistance in navigating the course of planning for college admission.  I can understand how overwhelming it can be for parents, who wish to secure their child’s opportunity for a higher education, while lacking the knowledge of where to start.

These facts became the catalyst for launching Advanced College Funding Solutions (ACFS) years ago. My knowledge and work experience in the finance industry coupled with my knowledge of college planning and funding has succeeded in relieving much stress for parents and students. I am an experienced College Planning Specialist, a member of the National Association of College Funding Advisors and The College Planning Network.

Our main goal is to alleviate the associated stress and to help families achieve educational goals, financial security, and peace of mind.

Managing the financial aid process on behalf of college-bound students means we unburden families by working closely to identify all of the grants, scholarships and loans available. Collaborating with The College Planning Network (CPN), one of the largest, most reputable College Admissions and Financial Aid Servicing companies in the nation allows us to help students and parents through the entire college planning and financial aid process. ACFS and CPN assists students in finding schools that offer the best financial aid package, so they will obtain the maximum amount of “free money” and walk away with the least amount of loans. Additionally, ACFS will create a custom comprehensive financial plan that will assist parents in paying for college without taking unnecessary or potentially damaging risks to their financial situation. CPN completes and submits the financial aid forms and will negotiate award offers on behalf of the student.

Perhaps what makes our company unique is that we recognize the importance of working with college bound students to find the right ‘fit’ when choosing the college they plan to earn their degree from. It is not merely about money or numbers, which is why we have an all-encompassing approach for entering the college planning arena—one that addresses the academic, social, and financial aspects involved in choosing the best school. Our model helps marry each individual student’s desires with consideration for what is affordable, attainable, and most beneficial in the long term, paying special attention to family finances. We will simplify the process and will use every strategy available to reduce the family’s out-of-pocket college costs.

In addition to founding and managing two businesses aimed at creating solutions to help families with the college process and investors attain and maintain financial security, I hold volunteer positions as Secretary and Board Member to A Gift of Life Heart and Lung Transplant Support Group, and professionally manage their Investment Accounts. A Gift of Life organization helps provide temporary financial assistance to past and future organ transplant recipients. This organization is particularly dear to me, as my father was one of the founding members. He received a heart transplant in 1991 and survived 25 years. My passion for helping people shines through in my chosen line of work by positively impacting others’ lives.  It would be my pleasure to assist you and your family with your new challenge.