The importance of being involved in school and community

It’s important to be involved in school activities and community. Not only do colleges want to know what you are doing in your free time, they want to know that you will be a great addition to their campus community!  A student who’s involved in community and school programs and services is more likely to develop leadership skills, ambition, integrity and citizenship.  Additionally, by being part of the community, it allows you the opportunity to make important connections with community leaders that may help you in the future.

These qualities can be instrumental in qualifying for scholarships!  Check out these scholarship opportunities below. If you meet the criteria, you may be able to win up to $10,000 a year in scholarship money!

If you happen to have a passion for the science, business, innovation and being an entrepreneur, why not consider applying for a scholarship by Adam Tracy. The Adam Tracy Blockchain Scholarship is a scholarship that aims to, identify promising candidates across three blockchain-related disciplines: development, cryptography, and entrepreneurship. Three scholarships worth $1000 are to be awarded based on each of the 3 blockchain disciplines.

Learn more:

Free Training” provides free training materials for those preparing to take the CNA exam, which is a requirement in order to become a licensed CNA. We have free practice tests for each section of the CNA exam, as well as supplemental training materials that can be used while taking CNA classes – all of which are free.

CNA Classes Near Me” helps those interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) find training programs. Many of these programs are free as they are funded by the U.S. Department of Labor or state equivalent agencies. Our site has state by state pages that list out all training locations in a given state as well as their contact information.

The amount awarded for both scholarships is $500. The deadline to apply for the CNA Free Training scholarship is April 2 and the CNA Classes Near Me scholarship is on September 21.

Additional Scholarships aimed towards those interested in a medical career:

Dr. Brian Blick Scholarship: This scholarship is available for students who are currently attending a university in the United States and are on the road to become a medical doctor, or high school students that will attend university for a medical degree.  The deadline to apply for the scholarship is January 15, 2023 and the winner announced on February 15, 2023.

Dr Leonard Hochstein Scholarship for Future Medical Doctors of America  Students who are on the route to become medical doctors can apply to the Dr. Leonard Hochstein Scholarship for $1,000 which will be awarded to a single university or high school student. The deadline for the scholarship application is December 15, 2022 and the winner will be announced January 15, 2023.

Below are a list of Scholarship Search Sites.  You complete a quick profile on your student and get matched to scholarships they qualify for.

There are a number of scholarships for women in a variety of fields.

Check with your company to see if they offer scholarships to see if they offer scholarships to children of employees.

The following link has additional information about Scholarship and grant opportunities offered to students attending schools in CT:

Hope Scholarship

The Hope Scholarship provides a federal income tax credit based on the first $4,000 in postsecondary education expenses paid by the taxpayer during the tax year.

The Hope Scholarship is actually a federal tax credit program. There is no application. In certain enrollment, income, and tax situations, students or their families may receive tax benefits for tuition paid. For more information, visit see IRS publication 970,


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